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I am not posted BASS FIRE

2017-07-08 14:26:18 by Twiztrz



2017-07-07 14:10:43 by Twiztrz

 Created New song, may post it!!!!!


Just posted KOCC Episode 1

2017-03-23 10:06:45 by Twiztrz

Just posted Kids Obstacle Course Challenge S1 E1 on my Youtube Twiztrz Ninja, plz check out and comment and I will like your stuff regarless of how good it is!!!!!!!!

I just released my new song!!!!

2017-02-12 18:53:46 by Twiztrz

I just released my new song Florida, please like!!!!

I couldn't post my song on audio but I was still able to post the song in the Movie section.

About Me

2017-02-05 17:15:28 by Twiztrz

Hello I am Twiztrz. I am a EDM artist. I also have some levels on Geometry Dash with the username Twiztrz. I hope you check them out.